Barbering is a difficult profession. Because of the high level of precision and accuracy necessary, even an inch of error might completely ruin your client's appearance. That is why this job is highly regarded and difficult to perfect.
There are a few qualities that make a barber stand out, such as consistent perfection and accuracy, the masterful finishing touches, and understanding and acting according to your client’s exact preferences and hair type. However, there are some mistakes that even the best of them make, which can easily mess up the finished product.

Please keep in mind that changing behavior requires a conscious mind, and being on autopilot is the perfect recipe for disaster! Always be willing to learn, adjust, and adapt.
Here are the 5 most common mistakes made by barbers and stylists that you should remember to avoid.


The vast majority of people are right-handed, and when they reach the left side, they usually fall out of sync and it’s easy to forget. When you're right-handed, it's easier to see on the right side, so make sure you compensate by adjusting to the guide on the left. Examine your work to ensure that all of the connections have been made.


The most common complaint among men is that their hair grows out "poofy." When there is an excess of weight, it is common practice to remove it with texture. If it's too heavy, it's an indication that it's not short enough in that area. Return to the drawing board and create a shape that reduces weight; texture shouldn’t be the focus in this case.

Repetition begets competence and competence begets confidence. If you're not feeling confident, find a reliable model and continue to do their hair. Slow down, pay attention, and refine your techniques. Before long, you’ll find your rhythm. Most people get ahead of themselves and remove the weight too quickly, resulting in far too much blending time. Slow down and you'll eventually speed up!


It's critical to build a large vocabulary in order to accurately communicate what you're trying to say, as this will set you apart from other stylists. Shape, blend, strength, masculine, dominant, sharp, longevity, and adjust are some common words I use with men.


You want to make your clients leave your shop feeling like a million bucks? The best way to do that is by is to analyzing their hair type and condition and giving them well-informed advice. You’re a professional and clients recognize that. They expect you to give them your expert opinion and suggestions on what works best for them. Staying quiet and refraining from making small talk or comments to your client will only give them the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing. Communication is key and that’s why most professional stylists and barbers have sessions before the actual barbering where all they do is talk and familiarize themselves with the client’s needs.



A barbershop with high-quality products is synonymous with a barber who values his profession and workplace. It is not afraid to provide its customers with the best service possible. Let’s talk about why using cheap low quality products is a mistake to avoid at all costs as a barber.

- It screams unprofessionalism:

When a client walks into a barbershop, they notice both the big things – such as the ambience, the barber, and the way they cut and style hair – and the little things, such as the equipment and hair care products used. When a barber reuses the same razor blade for multiple clients or when they use cheap and substandard products, it is a big turn-off for newer customers who walk into the barbershop. The incoming customer, on the other hand, is immediately impressed and enticed if the barber uses sanitized scissors and blades, premium shaving cream, and other products!

- It Limits your service offerings:

When you think of a barbershop, you probably only think of hair cutting services, but a good barbershop provides much more!
From scalp massages to a cut and color, hair gels to a hot leather aftershave – provide a wide range of services with high-quality barbering products, and you'll be at the top of the list of favorite barbershops in the area. However, when you lack quality products, you’re pretty much selling yourself short.

- You can’t charge higher:

A higher price, as in any industry, is synonymous with higher quality. However, in order to charge a higher fee for your services, you must persuade the client that you are providing them with nothing but the best in terms of haircare products and services.

How do you go about doing that though? Easy, by displaying the best products in your barbershop on shelves at eye level. As a result, when a customer walks in, they will know you only use high-quality products. Customers would be willing to pay more for services at your barbershop this way, allowing you to charge more in the process!

When you have low quality products on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to display them for the customers to see; it’s guaranteed to turn them off. This forces you to charge significantly lower than the competitors.

- Eliminates client loyalty:

When you use cheap low grade hair products, the best you can hope for is getting new customers. Once a client has experienced your service and products, the chances of them coming back are very slim. After a while, word begins to spread of the kind of products you use, and you can kiss those potential new customers goodbye. There’s nothing worse than a bad reputation in the world of barbers.

Here are some of the Best products to have in to have and use in your barbershop. All these products were formulated and produced by some of the most elite stylists in the world.

- Remy Ricos Beard Balm

During the colder months of the year, Remy Ricos Beard Balm doubles as a leave-in conditioner for guys with brittle hair, or, honestly, anyone with any facial hair at all. It also relieves itching and prevents the dreaded "beardruff."

- Remy Ricos Conditioner


Remy Ricos top-rated hair conditioner is sure to hydrate your hair and prevent dry scalp. One of the active ingredients, Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the fight against fungi and bacteria that cause dandruff and itching, as well as unclogging pores to promote hair growth.

- Remy Ricos Matte Clay

The argon-based oil has a matte finish and a firm all-day hold. Its fresh unisex aroma is instantly recognizable but indelibly different for both sexes. The strong but gentle formula incorporates the exceptionally nourishing kaolin mineral clay and beeswax mix appropriate for any hairdo in any weather, you'll be approachable and photogenic all day.

- Remy Ricos Shaving Gel
Remy Ricos shaving gel is hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, thanks to hero ingredients like argan oil and jojoba wax. They work together to fortify and nourish skin, no matter how dry it is. The signature recipe absorbs impurities from the skin and hair and forms a layer on top of the skin, allowing your razor to glide across the skin with little resistance.

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