A Little Bit About Remy Ricos

Every man who’s received that dream haircut knows the experience – you look in the mirror after the barber is done and think to yourself, “Who knew how much attractiveness, how much potential, and how much sheer natural style I had?" Many wish they could hold on to this experience forever. Sadly, without the salon-quality products and attention from a dedicated barber, no hairstyle maintains its peak appearance. But Remy Ricos wants to provide that look for every man, every day. Remy Ricos was created by a group of hairstylists and barbers who decided that they needed to improve the quality of men’s hair products. By combining their experience and their know-how, they created a line of products that are designed to make every man a little more confident about his appearance. Remy Ricos products are now world-renowned for being the best in the industry. Widely used by top stylists, athletes, models, and business professionals, there is no mistaking that the man who uses Remy Ricos products is a successful man who cares about his appearance.

Our Vision

From dressing sharply on your first day at a new job to addressing the natural balding process as you age, Remy Ricos considers all aspects of a man’s look. What does this mean for you? A better look – daily. All Remy Ricos Products contain top-of-the-line, quality ingredients for an array of hair thicknesses and textures. Our creams, gels, and sprays are designed to provide superior hair control for anyone who uses them.

Loved Around the World

We at Remy Ricos know how much people's hair means to them, but we could have never expected how much they would love our products. We started out with small batches but increased production to meet the growing demand for a crisp, clean look. Remy Ricos branded products began rushing out of our supply centers, and they continue to gain popularity worldwide.

Due to high demand, our luxurious signature line is only distributing while supplies last. Get your signature look before it is too late.

What We Care About

Remy Ricos is committed to providing confident, signature salon styles to all our customers, but in the end, we know what really matters: You do. We ensure that all our interactions are guided by your best interests. If you are ever unsatisfied with our products or the service you received from us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We want our products to inspire your inner confidence, and that starts with superior products and services.