It's hard enough to find just the right skin care products that give you that healthy-looking glow or ward off pimples. Having to add hair care products for men to that routine can be a dreary task. Hair care products for men can come in so many different varieties, with brands offering dry shampoos, volumizing mousses, pomades, oils  so on. Luckily for you, this article reveals some of their best hair care secret.



A good hair wash routine is essential if you want to keep your hair clean and healthy. Sadly, most men are too in touch with their ‘caveman’ features and often argue that taking time out to care for the hair isn’t a masculine endeavor. This couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, paying attention to your hair and observing proper hair hygiene shows that you care – what’s more masculine than that?  some men do not have a proper routine in place and may not understand the importance of shampoo and conditioner.

You have to maintain a proper scalp environment so the hair follicles receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Residue from a previous day of styling can build up and form a blocking barrier on the scalp. This prevents healthy nutrients from reaching the follicle- preventing new hair from growing. As a result, your scalp begins to break down which causes odor and wrinkles, not fun! In order to cleanse your scalp- it is important to use a shampoo that provides gentle exfoliation action. Remy Ricos Shampoo for men has been formulated to suit all hair types.



Our hair has never had it better when it comes to quick at-home hairstyling, from straightening to curling and even blow-drying. While the latest bleeding-edge hair tools can intelligently give optimal styling temperatures, they can't protect your strands from the heat, which is where heat protection sprays come in.

Protecting your hair is about more than just protecting it from the environment, you must also protect it from the inside. Stress can cause hormonal imbalances that affect how effectively your scalp regulates oil production which leads to a problem that many men suffer from a greasy scalp.



It's safe to argue that males have been more concerned with their hair in recent years. The same may be said for men who have that rugged, extremely masculine ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ look, even if they may never admit it. In any case, there's no reason why we shouldn't look after our hair better and after hygiene, the next most important care tip for your hair is moisturizing. We'll look at everything from coconut oil, argan oil, and olive oil to hair wax, hair creams, and pomades including what they do, how they work, and why you should use them.

What is Hair Moisturizer for Men?

A hair moisturizer is self-explanatory; Interestingly, many people believe that applying it to the hair would result in a greasy texture, which is not the case. A hair moisturizer for men is basically anything that you apply to your hair to help it retain moisture. It could be a spray or a cream and is very easy to apply. It's as easy as spraying or distributing it evenly throughout the hair, with a focus on the dry regions. It's a simple and quick technique to give your hair a fresh and healthy feel.

Which Product is Best and How to Use Them.

This is mostly determined by your hair type. Whether your hair is thick, fine, wavy, or straight, there is something on the market to meet your needs. You could wind up with either oily hair or no results if you don't match the product to your hair type. Because most men's hair moisturizers go a long way, it's better to start with a modest amount and gradually increase as needed. The number of times you apply it is determined by how frequently you wash it and how dry it is. Some people find that using the product after washing their hair is sufficient, while others may need to use a milder product every day.

Here are some must-have products. These products are carefully formulated by world-class stylists, scientists, and cosmetologist. Remy Ricos Products are guaranteed to leave your hair feeling like a crown truly fit for a king.

 Remy Ricos Beard Balm

During the colder months of the year, Remy Ricos Beard Balm doubles as a leave-in conditioner for guys with brittle hair, or, honestly, anyone with any facial hair at all. It also relieves itching and prevents the dreaded "beardruff."

Remy Ricos Conditioner

Remy Ricos top-rated hair conditioner is sure to hydrate your hair and prevent dry scalp. One of the active ingredients, Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the fight against fungi and bacteria that cause dandruff and itching, as well as unclogging pores to promote hair growth.

- Remy Ricos Matte Clay

The argon-based oil has a matte finish and a firm all-day hold. Its fresh unisex aroma is instantly recognizable but indelibly different for both sexes. The strong but gentle formula incorporates the exceptionally nourishing kaolin mineral clay and beeswax mix appropriate for any hairdo in any weather, you'll be approachable and photogenic all day.

- Remy Ricos Shaving Gel
Remy Ricos shaving gel is hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, thanks to hero ingredients like argan oil and jojoba wax. They work together to fortify and nourish skin, no matter how dry it is. The signature recipe absorbs impurities from the skin and hair and forms a layer on top of the skin, allowing your razor to glide across the skin with little resistance.



You've probably used conditioner, shampoo's weird, difficult-to-lather half-brother. However, you've concluded that conditioners are only for women or men with long hair, and that your shorter hair doesn't require any "conditioning," whatever that term means.

Don't be so sure: a conditioner offers advantages for everyone, especially for guys with shorter (or even thinning) hair. It nourishes each strand, restoring volume and vitality washed away by shampoos. Shampoos tend to dry out the hair, robbing it of the natural oils and nutrients that make it healthy. A conditioner acts as a moisturizer for both the scalp and the hair, increasing circulation, flexibility, and natural shine.

Conditioners and treatments are an important component of a man’s hair care regimen. Conditioners can help to stop hair from falling out and maintain its conditioned state through the use of different ingredients such as vitamin E and keratin. Remy Ricos makes pretty much the best conditioner for men in Canada


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